Edisto Escape

It’s been a few weeks since my last entry. We just got back from a great week of vacation at Edisto Beach. After a long, but amazing summer in youth ministry at Morningside – Ashley and I headed with the boys (and granna & pop) for some needed rest and relaxation. It was so great to spend a week reconnecting with Ashley and playing with the boys. Anderson loved the sand and wanted us to bury him often. Ellis had his first experience in the ocean and didn’t seem too moved by the experience. He did, however, enjoy sleeping in under the tent on his blanket while we played with Anderson on the beach. Ministry is amazing and God is doing great things in our lives and in Spartanburg – but times of retreat are always needed to refocus. We enjoyed our Edisto Escape while it lasted!

One Comment on “Edisto Escape

  1. Nathan, I love the pictures, got an email from Ashley with some other pictures that said to read your blog. I love the fact that you did a symbol for summer! I am at Myrtle Beach right now as Ernesto goes by…keep in touch and let me know how things are going. Would love to help you get a mentoring ministry going, I call it Friend 2 Friend, and would love for your group to come to Lexington on Sept. 16 to hear Brent Gambrell. GIve me a call after Labor day, or email me at students@lexingtonbaptist.org.
    Keep Believing!
    John Swindler

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