$2.99 Worth of Hair Left

Anderson’s Bad Hair CutYesterday, the whole family piled in the car to go get hair cuts for Anderson and I.  Great Clips has just opened near our house and they are running a special.  For $2.99, they will cut your hair.  Being the thrifty guy I am, I thought – “wow, now that’s a deal.”  So we got in line and got our hair cuts.  My hair came out ok – but Anderson is another story.  The lady misunderstood our idea of short.  She took the electric clipers straight up the top before we could stop her and “scalped” him!  It took all Ashley had to keep herself from crying before we could get out of the shop. Well, a day later it’s still sort, but we’re getting use to it and hope it will grow out by the time we take him for his Easter pictures with Ellis.  Great Clips really ought to say “$2.99 worth of hair left” – instead of $2.99 for a hair cut.

One Comment on “$2.99 Worth of Hair Left

  1. Nathan you have always been a cheapscape!!!
    We love the haircut!!! Doesn’t look like it bothers Anderson!!!

    The Roberts Clan

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