Great Volunteers

Tonight I had the privilage of having dinner with 30 volunteers from Morningside. Our youth volunteers are awesome. Each of you do so much for the youth of our church and I am grateful for your time, effort, and passion for young people. Some of you teach Sunday School and Discipleship; others serve on the committee; while still others plan meals, drive the bus, and lead in so many other ways. For all you do – thank you.

Often, ministry volunteers get overlooked for their time and effort – but always know that what you are doing is vital! You are helping communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to teenagers – and nothing could be more important.

I hope that you enjoyed dinner tonight at Fuddruckers and I hope you get to use the gift certificates to the movies soon. I’m only sorry our go-karts and miniature golf got rained out. I praise God for each of you daily and we couldn’t do Youth Ministry at Morningside without you!

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