That Was Then…This Is Now

Today, Ashley and I celebrate our 8th anniversary of marriage. Though we have been married 8 years, we have been dating for 15 years. I guess looking at these two photos you can tell Ashley and Nathan at Fuge ‘07what 15 years, two children and lots of youth ministry can do to a couple.

I love you Ashley and love being your husband. You are an amazing wife, a great mom to Anderson and Ellis and a wonderful partner in ministry. Thank you for being such a great example of Christ to me.

I Love You! Happy Anniversary

4 Comments on “That Was Then…This Is Now

  1. I cannot believe it has been 8 years! WOW! I feel like just yesterday Alden and I were riding in the back of the datsun with you and Ashley headed to school. HA! I have only one question for you now- how in the WORLD did Ashley get her hair to do that! That is hilariously awesome!!

  2. wow nathan looking back at the older picture… WHAT HAPPENED?! 😛 ha just kidding. congrats you two

  3. WOW! It’s has been a while, I have to say though I have known you for abut 13 years now? And you guys were thr first example that I ever had of a Christian couple. THANKS! I hope that someday (God willing it’ll be soon LOL!) I too can experience the same kind of happiness you have.

    Love Youse!

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