Evan Almighty

What an awesome movie. I enjoyed seeing Evan Almighty with the 57 students and adults who converged on the Converse Cinema tonight. What a way to celebrate VBS and Sports Camp! Gen 6:14 was in fact a very important passage during the movie. But as I said before hand in our devotion time, I think verse 22 is equally important. You see, God told Noah to build the ark in Gen 6:14 – and in Gen 6:22 it says that Noah obeyed him. Isn’t that what God desires? Our 100% obedience? Total devotion to Him. God said it, and Noah did it. Simple as that…

As you remember the hilarious movie you just saw – consider what you could take from it. What has God called you to do – to change the world? Are you willing to give up everything to follow Him? Are you willing to face persecution, ridicule, and the loss of friends in the process? Following God is never the easy path – but it’s what He calls us to do. Let’s follow him together!

One Comment on “Evan Almighty

  1. I love the way the writers used ARK to remind us that one Act of Random Kindness is all some people would need to respond to Christ and change the world!

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