We’re Here!

After two long days of travel, we’ve made it to Nebraska. Because the Reservation is so remote, we do not get good cell coverage and I have not been able to update the blog until now.

Everyone is doing well and getting to know each other better, especially with the tight sleeping quarters. The boys “love” moving their beds and luggage each morning for meals! We had worship today with the church on the Reservation and we will be prayer-walking the community this evening. Keep praying for us all, and I will blog again soon.

3 Comments on “We’re Here!

  1. Nate,
    Glad to hear you made it!!! You and your youth are in our prayers this week!!Can’t wait to hear what kind of “work” YOU are doing on this trip!!

  2. So glad you are there safely and already making an impact. Tell Ann E I’m praying for her. Also, Kathy Green along with all of you. May His strength fall down like rain upon your backs and His Spirit fill your words and actions. God Bless. jana

  3. HAHA. I’m glad I didn’t have to sleep in the kitchen, I bet it WAS pretty annoying having to get up earlier than anyone else to move your mattresses!!

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