Tuesday on the Reservation

It’s Tuesday morning and everything is going great on the mission trip. Yesterday we held our first day of Bible Clubs where we ministered to over 100 children and adults. The children are precious and in deep need of love and affection. From the fist moment we began, the kids were on our backs and hugging our legs. We loved it and Mrs. Barbee even got a little love note from one of the children. You can see the desperation in their eyes. They’re in deep need of not only our love, but the love of our Lord.

Last night we fed about 250 people at the cookout and we plan to see even more at the carnival tonight when we bring out the super slide and the bounce house along with all the games and candy. It’s going to be awesome.

We are doing great ministry to the Omaha people, but also to our own as well. Yesterday we had planned to eat lunch at the school cafeteria, but 30 min before we were supposed to go eat we found out they weren’t serving lunch because the water was out at the school. Our team pulled together because our cooks were out running errands and made lunch with what they could find and never complained.  They are awesome!  Our team unity is very high considering the living conditions with only two showers for 54 people. It’s that unity in spirit that is giving God the opportunity to work in and through us to do ministry. Keep praying for us!

5 Comments on “Tuesday on the Reservation

  1. Keep up the incredible work!!!!! I do believe that EVERYone is being blessed, even those of us keeping the homefires burning. Much love to all, ~Sally

  2. We are praying for you in Spartanburg. Keep up the good work. 52 people….2 showers….WASH FAST!!! Rick

  3. Glad to hear things are going well!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!! Isn’t it fun to have that many people and 2 showers!!! That was the same we had in Ohio. Keep up the good work and stay safe!!

  4. Hey, Marlene, We are keeping track of you here at the ROD. Have FUN!!!

  5. It felt so nice to know how many people we helped and fed! Im so proud of all of us!

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