AWOL from Bible Club

We’ll it’s 4:05 central time and one of our teams was out rounding up kids for Bible Club when we came across a library in Walthill, NE (on the Omaha Reservation).  Guess what?  They have internet access…so I am able to blog this without having to use Chris’ blackberry mobile device.  Our students are vacuming and shelving books for the librarian in town as a way to do servant evangelism.  I am actually sitting here vacuming while our students are all over the library cleaning.  It’s a really small, one room library in a really small one street town (not too much bigger than Heath Spring – the Roberts family will understand that)

We’re doing great, but had to take Janna to the ER  a few hours ago for a hurt toe…she’s fine.  Tonight we have movie night for the kids and then we will have our final day of ministry on the reservation tomorrow before heading for home on Friday. 

I better go before we miss to much Bible Club – we’re off to round up more children. 

2 Comments on “AWOL from Bible Club

  1. I hope someone has made a picture of you with a vaccum in your hands!!! I won’t believe it until I see it!!! It seems you always have to take someone to the ER!!!! Good luck the rest of the trip! You are in my prayers. I hope your youth group realizes how fortunate to have you leading them!!

  2. HEY! Don’t forget that some of us checked our Myspaces :]


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