Home Sweet Home

The Gateway Arch in St. LouisWe’re on the road and just entered Tennessee. We are about four hours from home without any delays. We hope to see you all when we get home around 8:30pm.

It’s been a great mission trip and ending it last night at the Arch in St. Louis was great – not to mention a real bed for the first time in eight nights at the Days Inn.

See you all in a few hours at Morningside!

By the way, the cross has been moving among the group this week and was passed in this order: Rebekah Dodds, Michelle Gallman, Kaitlyn Ridings, Brittany Eberhart, Mark Mannigan, Martha Lee Lancaster, Mark Alexander, and is now around the neck of Jody Welch.

One Comment on “Home Sweet Home

  1. ha dont forget to mention that we apparently broke it nathan. just heard while i was at church that it broke down. i think andy, “the steves”, and nathan must have gotten in an elevator together 😉

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