Day at the Lake

Anderson at the Lake DayI hope everyone had fun at the lake today.  It was great to spend the day with all of you, just hanging out without any real agenda…riding the boats and going on the tubes.  A big “Thank You,” to the Mr. and Mrs. Shaw for hosting us and to Tony and Bob for driving your boats.  I think we ended up with about 45 of us at the Lake after everyone found it.  I know Anderson and Ellis loved hanging out with the “teenagers.”  They played so hard they were asleep by the time they hit the highway.

 More than anything, I hope that it gave you the opportunity to connect with each other in a fun way and I pray that you will follow Peter’s example and “get out of the boat.”  Be willing to step into the deep water with Christ and walk on the water with him.  Have faith in Christ and follow him as you head off to school and back into the deep waters of Spartan High, Dorman and Boiling Spring (to name a few).   God wants you to keep walking – no – running after him with all your heart.  Don’t let the distractions of bad friends, or bad influences deter you and cause you to sink in to the deep.  Keep your focus on your Savior! 

By the way, here’s the latest on the path of the cross this summer.  Since my last blog about it, Jody brought it home from the mission trip and passed it to Ruth Ann last Sunday.  Tonight, Ruth Ann passed it to Lindy Hyatt at the lake.

2 Comments on “Day at the Lake

  1. I had such a FUN time!! I woke up on Monday, and I was SO sore from tubing, because I bounced so much!! And by the way, Anderson looks adorable in that picture!


  2. When I woke up Monday my arms were SO SORE and Im SO scared of leches or how ever you spell it LUVED THE LAKE

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