Braves Exhaustion

It’s been a long, but good weekend.  Over the last 36 hours or so, I’ve slept for about three of them.  We took the college students to the Braves game in Atlanta yesterday while my mom watched the boys.  Of course we hit up The Vartisty for dinner. The game ended at around 10:30pm or so, but then we stayed for the Mercy Me concert at the stadium.  Obviously, we didn’t return home until late (about 4:00am).  And wouldn’t you know it – Ellis was up and ready to go for the day at around 6:30am.  Then it was off to church for a full day of ministry that ended just a few minutes ago after our “Dinner & a Movie” night with the youth.  Whew…what a weekend.

The college event was great.  Thanks to Wayne Gallman for driving the bus through the middle of the night.  Thanks also to Hudson Neely, our summer college intern.  Hudson, you are so much more than an “intern” – you’re a minister of the Gospel and I am fortunate to have been able to serve with you this summer.  God bless you as you head to Nashville today to finish school and as you prepare for your wedding in the spring with your bride-to-be, Lindzey!     

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