4th Birthdays

The Scooby FamilyYesterday we celebrated Anderson’s 4th birthday in grand style with a Halloween themed party in our backyard.  We had junk food, great birthday cake, a bounce house, Halloween decorations, and even had a pumpkin shaped pinata full of candy.  All the makings of a great birthday party – right?  Tons of Anderson’s friends and family came and had a great time and played their hearts out.  But in the midst of it all, Ellis got a black eye and Anderson fractured his left leg.  Nothing like a visit to the ER to top off a good party.  I’m just glad social service hasn’t shown up at our door yet.  These are a few of our favorite pictures from the day.  We dressed up as the blowing out the candlesScooby Doo characters (Anderson’s was Scooby, Ellis was Shaggy, Ashley was Daphne, I was Freddie, and their Aunt Deanna was Velma).  Anderson is going back to the doctor tomorrow to either get a cast or a splint on his leg.  He’s taking it all very well – but having to be carried everywhere he goes.  Pray for him and his recovery, and also pray for Ashley while she’s at home taking the lion’s share of the care for he and his brother.  We’ll update you all after we see the orthopedist tomorrow. 

One Comment on “4th Birthdays

  1. How sad! I wil definitely pray for you guys. Give Anderson a Birthday Kiss for me and, Nathan, give Ashley a Birthday Hug for me since I know it was her birthday as well! Your outfits were precious! Love you guys!

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