Vikings vs. Bruins

This past Friday, Ashley and the boys and I made the trek over to Lancaster for the Spartan High vs. Lancaster football game.  It was a rainy and messy night, but a great opportunity to see our students play.  On this night we had students on both sides of the ball. 

Ashley and I used to serve at First Baptist in Lancaster and one of our former students, Tyler Outen, is the center for the Bruins.  He played an awesome game and was very excited to win in triple overtime after the disappointing loss last year to the Vikings.  Tyler is a great young man and he’s dating another one of our awesome girls, Katie Roberts.  We also got to see Heather Miles in the homecoming court.

On the other side of the stadium we had three football players (Patrick Esposito, Chase Bahnmuller, and Evander Thomas) as well as three cheerleaders (Janna McClure, Kaylie Hyatt, and Lindy Hyatt).  I know that it was a tough loss for them, but they played an awesome game and should be proud of their effort.

Though we pushed the stroller through the mud and sat on damp bleachers, it was all worth it to spend time watching two teams we love with students we minister to.  Both teams played a great game of football. God bless you Bruins and Vikings in your last regular season game this coming Friday night!   

One Comment on “Vikings vs. Bruins

  1. It was great to share the fun of the game with your family and the fiasco of finding somewhere to eat at 11:00 on a Friday night in Lancaster. The lady at the Waffle House is probably still looking for your party of 14 to come in!!!

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