My Face is in the Book

I finally broke down and started a facebook account.  If you’re a member of you can check it out.  I’d love to be you’re friend. 

For years I’ve kept away from myspace and facebook sites because I’m not a fan of the darker side of they way people use them.  I’ve always worried about my students being on sites like these giving too much info about themselves to strangers.

But, at this point most students live in the myspace and facebook worlds.  Unfortunately, some live there more than the real world.  As a youth pastor, I’m signing to facebook not only to meet up with old friends, I’m signing on to connect more fully with the students God has called me to reach. 

See you on facebook – don’t leave me hangin’ by not being my “friend.”  By the way, if you’re a facebook member you can read my blogs on my facebook site too.

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