Middle of the Week Again?

I can’t believe that it’s already only a few minutes before Wednesday.  It seems like I was just in Edisto on the beach.  But, another week is coming and going.  Spring is in full swing and life is as hectic as always.  Life for the Neighbors is great – but busy.  Ashley and I spent last week with our students in Edisto on Spring Retreat while the boys spent some fun time with Granna and Pop.  This coming weekend I’m headed to Atlanta with some of our college students to the Passion Regional Worship Event – I’m psyched about it.  The David Crowder Band is going to be great!

In the busyness of life one of the ways I relax and de-stress is to do more work (believe it or not).  I do yard work.  Yea, this allergy ridden – once lazy boy loves to do hard labor these days.  Last week after returning from Edisto I spent a couple of days spreading a large truck loud (14 bobcat scoops) of mulch around our yard and planting about 20 plants.  The yard is looking great – but more than that I had a great time alone spending time with God, getting my hands dirty, and away from the stress of the day. 

One Comment on “Middle of the Week Again?

  1. Nate, what has happened??!!! Working out, massive yard work!!! I remember the days when sitting on the riding lawn mower, cutting your yard was way to much work for you. I am very impressed!!! Ashley has told me how great the yard looks! Can’t wait to see it!!!

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