Fuge Week

It’s here again – Cenrifuge Summer Camp.  One of my favorite weeks of the year.  It’s the week when our students join hundreds of other teenagers for a few days of amazing worship, Bible study, recreation, and awesome fun in the mountains of North Caroline at Ridgecrest Conference Center.  This is my fifth fuge and eighth summer camp that I’ve taken students to.  I pray that this week will be life-changing for both me and for the students who go with me.  I pray that God would refresh my heart, my passion for Him, and my passion for student ministry.  The only down side to this week is missing my wife and boys.  Especially since this week is my 9th anniversary of marriage.  June 19th, 1999 – Ashley and I committed to love one another no matter what – to raise our family to glorify God – and to follow the Lord sharing the good news of His kingdom.  Happy camping at Fuge – Happy Anniversary Ashley – I love you! 

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