Fuge Day 4

Today is Friday and our fourth full day of summer camp.  Everything is going great and everyone is well and having a good time.  More importantly, I really think that the spiritual aspects of this week are hitting home for our students.  Last night we had another wonderful worship and church group time where they began fleshing out what it might look like to keep each other accountable and obedient to Christ.

The key passage of scripture that we studied in worship last night was 1 John 5:1-5.  In this passage we are told that the thing that makes God feel loved the most by his children is our obedience.  It goes on to say that obedience is not burdensome.  One of the key things we learned last night about obeying God is not that it’s not hard to obey Him – but that we weren’t meant to live as islands trying to obey Him on our own.  We’re part of the body of Christ that ought to be helping hold us accountable for what we do and say.  Our students spent time last night trying to plan ways they could be more encouraging to one another, hold those accountable who tried to hurt the group, and how to more be welcoming to new students at the church.

It was a great night.  This afternoon is Mega Relay – which will be a whole lot of fun, mess, and craziness.  Tonight’s our final night and then we head home in the morning.  Hopefully we will be home around lunch time (12:30pm).  See you then!

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