Day 2 in Poland

It’s 9:30pm our time here in Poland (about 3:30pm in Sparkle-City).  We’re doing great!  We just wrapped up our day of touring Warsaw, seeing Polish culture, eating great food, and getting to know our Polish friends.  Sorry moms and dads that your teens haven’t called yet.  The cards they have won’t work with the pay phone on campus.  However, we gained access to one of the office phones that they will be able to use tonight.  So, you should here from your students in the next hour or so.  But, we are all doing great – loving Poland and very excited about starting camp tomorrow.  Keep praying for us and have a wonderful day in worship with the Lord tomorrow!  God bless you all.

8 Comments on “Day 2 in Poland

  1. Glad you all had a great day!!! Hope all goes well tomorrow as you start camp!! There are a lot of people praying for you all, from Kershaw, York, Heath Springs and Lancaster!! We love you!!!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks Nathan for doing the blog and keeping us in touch the way you do. It is a lot for you with all that you have to keep up with this too but it is very much appreciated. Glad things are going well!!

  3. Keeping Ya’ll in my prayers. I know this will be a great experience for all of you and a different experience for those who went to Omaha. Tell Gustaw Hello! I miss not being in Poland.


  4. Its Sunday 7/6/2008 about 1:30 PM so tht would be 7:30 PM your time. We are praying for the Worship services that you are just now startng. We are also praying for the Bible study that will be later. May God’s Spirit be with you in full power.
    We love you:
    Gene and Ann Ellis

  5. The highlight of my day is checking your blog! I pray often — day and night. God has you covered! All is well here. Take care of Ashley, Katie, and yourself, and all of the others, of course. See you at the beach!! Love, Mom

  6. Hello Students and Fearless Leaders!
    I am so glad things are going well. As “Mom” (Rose Neighbors) said, it is a highlight to check the blog. So much so, i am leaving it up on my computer and refreshing my page every hour or so hoping you have updated. I don’t know if I am the only one who has not heard from my daughter or not (Jordan is probably having such a great time that she isn’t thinking of home!) but i sure would feel better hearing her voice – hint…hint….hint! I will continue to pray for your safety. (Phone home Jordan! We miss you and would love to hear your voice!)

  7. I am so glad to hear that your group has arrived safely. Our family will be praying for you daily as you spread the Good News of Jesus in Poland.

    Love and Blessings,
    The Elmore’s in Mount Vernon, GA

  8. To Paul Inclan – We have felt it an honor to be your prayer partners and will be anxiously awaiting a full report. Just remember to hang loose and let God work thru you. Enjoy all that wonderful Polish fellowship and food be prepared for anything! We love you very much

    To Gustaw – I still have wonderful memories of the to Chelm 3 years ago. You were a great translator and continue to remain a wonderful friend. Our prayer is that this week will have a strong impact on the Baptist witness in Poland. We love you and continue to keep you in our prayers daily.

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