Today is the Day

It’s the end of a long and wonderful day in the middle of a busy week.  It started at 6:00am after only getting about five hours of sleep because I slept in the guest room (a sick two year old was sleeping in my bed).  By 6:45am I was out the door with 150 donuts and tons of bottled water to give out at Spartanburg High School’s “See You at the Pole.”  I stood and watched dozens of students (including six of our mside students) singing, worshiping, and praying with their friends and teachers.  It was a great site to see.

After See You at the Pole I helped get Anderson to school and then jumped into a busy day at the church preparing for Ignite and the upcoming weekend services.  Wednesdays are usually really hectic because of Ignite and because I’m trying to get it all done before my day off on Thursdays.  Lately I’ve been intentional about taking a few hours on Wednesday afternoon to get away from the church and spend quiet time praying and preparing the message for Ignite. It’s been good for me to get away from the things that cloud my head and the busy work so that I can focus on the message I’m trying to communicate that night at Ignite.

The day ended with our third Ignite service and a band rehearsal.  What a day!  It was a great one.  It reminds me of the old song that says, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Lincoln Brewster has a new version of those lyrics called “Today is the Day”.  It rocks – check it out sometime in stores or on iTunes.

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