More Than A Night At The Movies

Last night we took 50 students and leaders to see the new Christian film, Fireproof.  Just picture it – we took a group of teenagers to see a movie about commitment to marriage.  A real exciting teenager topic, right.  Though this movie may never be the blockbuster – Batman, it was amazing.  I think the students really got it.  Many of our students don’t see the truth about marriage and commitment in their homes.  It was refreshing to see a major motion picture promote marriage and speak truthfully about what it takes to keep the vows that husbands and wives make to each other.  In addition to the positive message about marriage, the movie was very clear about the importance of a relationship with God though Jesus Christ.

As I sat through the movie I kept saying to myself, “yes.”  It was as if everything that I’ve tried to communicate to students over my ministry was being fleshed out on the big screen.  It just comes across in so much clearer terms when it’s in a language that young people can relate to.  As I sat there in the movie I was hoping that the students wouldn’t zone out and think, “this is just some chick flick on marriage.”  As I walked out and had prayer with a teenager guy who was in tears and had two other conversations with guys in the group, I knew that they got the point of the movie.  They were able to make the jump in their minds to apply the message of the movie to where they were right then with Christ and needed to get it right with Him.  What a blessing a night at the movies can be.  If you haven’t seen it – GO.  If you have friends who are struggling with their marriage – send them.  If you have friends who don’t know the Lord – take them.  This movie puts God’s deep love for us into such concrete terms and is in itself a great testimony of a couple’s struggles (even if it was fictional).

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