Young Voices Praise God

Today our preschool choir blessed us with a few songs during the 11:00am worship service.  It was awesome!  Obviously I love it when people are using their gifts to bring God glory, but it’s amazing to see our preschoolers offering praise to God.  Anderson is in this group in the middle of the third row.  John and Will Emerson, sons of Kingsley & Christy Emerson (who teacher the 7-9 Grade Guy’s Class) are singing down on the front right.  They are too cute.  Our Ignite band drummer, Rick Hennecy’s son, Carter is singing in the group too.  Maybe someday these kids will all be playing together in the youth praise band.  Whether you’re 3 or 103 – it’s always a good time to sing praises to God for who He is and what he’s doing in our lives.  We are all blessed beyond measure.

This video doesn’t exist

2 Comments on “Young Voices Praise God

  1. Nathan, could you make a dvd copy of the pre-school choir.
    I will gladly pay for the cost. Let me know. Brenda
    p.s. I am Sydney, Hannah and Emma’s grandmother!

  2. Nathan,
    would you make a dvd copy of the pre-school choir. I will gladly pay the cost. Also I would love a copy of the picture of the Emerson family at the fall festival..

    I love being able to watch the kids on your blog.
    A job well done.

    Hope you will do the musical night too.
    Jeanne Emerson, grandparent of Will and John and Caroline

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