NYWC 2008 2.0

img_4817It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re finishing up our second full day here in Nashville.  The Titans may be loosing to the Jets, but it’s been a great day for youth workers at the conference…well, at least this youth pastor is loving it.  We began our day a little later than usual (worship didn’t start until 10am).  I got two more hours of sleep.  Wow.  Shane and Shane (picture here) led the music portion of the worship and a great pastor from England, Mike Pilavachi, brought God’s word for the day.  It was awesome.  Mike was Matt Redman’s youth pastor when Matt was a teenager.  We spent the last couple of hours learning about multi-sensory worship (see, taste, touch…).  All that talk of using our senses to aid in worship and learning made me hungry for a more aesthetic atmosphere…and some good food – so now I sit in Panera Bread writing this blog.  Hope everyone back at mside had a great day in worship and Bible study with the Lord.

One Comment on “NYWC 2008 2.0

  1. hi nathan! I am also here in nashville alongside ya. it really has been a great weekend for youth workers. It’s been great to get some time away from all the stresses. Hope you’ve enjoyed your week and been challenged, I know I have. Good to see you blogging!

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