Navigating Regional

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent.  We’ve officially begun the time in the Church year where we prepare our hearts for Christmas.  At our evening worship service last night, we lit the Hope Candle.  We have hope in this dark world because of the light that Christ has bought to our lives.

In the dark of night yesterday, at around 10pm, I found myself walking in my dress clothes (which I’d been wearing since 7am) around Spartanburg Regional Hospital.  One of our students got his finger slammed in my car door coming back to the church from our youth basketball practice and we were trying to get him medical attention.  Apparently the only two doors open at Regional after dark are the ER entrance and the front main “revolving” door.  Jack Dodds, Collin, and I walked around the hospital twice in the cold of the night trying to get in the right door for an x-ray (which by the way is the main revolving door).  After a five hour ordeal we learned that the fingers were not broken and Colin’s would be better soon.

Though I spent 17 hours yesterday in my sport coat and tie, it was a wonderful day filled with worship, Bible Study, time with the teenagers, and time with my family at our Advent service.  It was also a great time learning to navigate Spartanburg Regional Hospital!  In the midst of long ministry days, I’m grateful for the hope that Christ brings and the Good News we have to share.

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