Your Heart Focus

Students, here is today’s devotional from our Bible Study this week:

Martin Luther lived in Germany in the early 1500s. As a monk, Luther became frustrated with the church’s ignorance of spiritual truth and their focus on status and wealth.

Luther called Christians to realign with the Bible. Because he spoke against church leaders, he was kicked out of the church and lost many of his friends. Still, he clung to his relationship with God as his main focus.

Luther declared, “Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.” To what does your heart cling these days?

Read Philippians 3:8-9. Why is what Christ offers you superior to any other use of your time?

What you value determines how you spend your time—hobbies, interests, and aspirations. None of those things is bad in and of itself. Problems arise when those things become more important than your personal relationship with God. If Christ is your Savior and Lord, you should consider Him so valuable that everything else looks like garbage in comparison.

What things in your life have you put before God?  What steps do you need to take to realign your life to make God your heart focus?  Ask God to give you a desire for Him that surpasses your love for anything else in your life.

* This devotion is from the Lifeway KNOWN curriculum Winter ’09 *

One Comment on “Your Heart Focus

  1. Amazing timing — I began a new Bible study at my church here in Columbia today. The title of the study is IDOLS OF THE HEART. We seem to be on the same wave length — what do we put ahead of God in our lives? Love, Mom

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