Safe on Your Knees

Students, here is today’s devotional from our Bible Study this week:

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, adventurer Indiana Jones must make it safely through a series of deadly traps in order to complete his quest. Following a cipher, he safely navigates each hazard. When his clue reads, “The penitent man shall pass,” Indy drops to the ground, narrowly missing giant saw blades that slice over his head. Penitent is another word for humble. When you hear the word humble, what’s your first thought or reaction?

Based on Psalm 25:9, what’s the purpose of humility?

Why is humility often pictured by a person kneeling in prayer? Humility is an attitude that recognizes God is infinitely greater than you are. The truly humble don’t need to put themselves down. Instead, they submit to God and focus on lifting Him up. This means being willing to repent of sin and recognize that God loves you even though you aren’t perfect.

When you approach God humbly, He is able to teach you to do what’s right so you can avoid sin and its destructive consequences.  Take a few moments and confess any sin in your life. Ask God to give you a spirit of humility so He can teach you to do right.

* This devotion is from the Lifeway KNOWN curriculum Winter ’09 *

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