Ideation Conference

I’m in Nashville this week at LifeWay Christian Resources participating in a Student Bible Study Curriculum Ideation Conference.  “Ideation Conference” is just a big term that means about ten people who love students and who enjoy writing coming together to brainstorm ideas for Sunday School curriculum.  We’re working on the KNOWN curriculum for Winter 2010.  For more info about the material that’s being produced for students click here.  It’s been really cool.  I love the opportunity to sit down with youth pastors from around the countyr and hear the ideas that they share and hear their passions for ministering to students.  We have been using KNOWN this year at Morningside and love it.  It’s a great curriculum tool for teaching God’s word and connecting not only the Sunday Morning aspect of it but also the daily devotional life of the student and the mid-week service for youth groups.  It’s a great tool.  I’m grateful that Morningside is giving me time to be here and I’m grateful for those who are back home keeping everything running.  I’ll be praying tomorrw (Wednesday) for our Seniors who are leading the Ignite Student service back at church.

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