Life On A 2 Inch Screen

I’ve been living for the last five days on a 2 inch computer screen. In fact, this blog is being typed by my thumbs on a tiny touch keypad. The Morningside Youth Ministry macbook that I use for everything I do went into the shop on Thursday for a new hard drive. So, for now I’ve had to rely on the 2 inch touch screen of my iPod for all emails, internet, and day-to-day work load. It’s been tough. I actually found myself resorting to using an old school legal
pad and mechanical pencil yesterday. I’m truly finding out how much I rely on computers to get my job done and stay on top of my daily tasks. The tech people at Iplace in Greenville say I will have it back Wednesday, but I’m not holding my breath. I sure hope they’re right – running the Ignite youth worship service multimedia from an iPod would be a tough thing to do.

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