The Flip

070929_flipI’ve been told that I do a great job at documenting the lives of our boys.  Anderson and Ellis are precious to Ashley and I.  Ashley loves to scrapbook and I love to share with you about my family on this blog.  I guess Ashley and I are alike in our love of remembering – we just use two different platforms.  I’ve added a new tool to my blog platform.  The other week we bought a Flip video camera.  This thing is really cool.  The image resolution is not that great, but it’s as small as my cell phone, simple to use, and it has an underwater case that I can use (that comes in handy with preschool sons and teenagers).  Rather than using video tapes, it has a 1hr internal memory and plugs directly into my laptop through a usb connector.  I hope to use it over the coming months and years to document not only our family, but also the church/youth events.  My previous post (Snow Day in Fernwood) was created on this camera.  Here’s another great video of Anderson singing with the preschool choir at Morningside on Sunday.

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