7 Awesome Moms

On this Mother’s Day I can think of countless amazing moms. Moms who are on earth and moms who have gone on to be with the Lord. Here are seven of the best moms I know:

1. Rose Neighbors – the mom who gave me life and continues to be an example of christlikeness.
2. Mary – the mother of Jesus Christ, my Savior, who gave me new life.
3. Ashley Neighbors – the best wife a man could have and mommy to our two great little boys.
4. Helan Ellis – The mom who gave life to my wife and has been a second mom to me for the last 17 years.
5. Bonnie Robinson – My sister and example to me of a loving & persevering mom to her two beautiful girls.
6. Alba Eckstrom – My aunt and an example of a mom who has gone beyond the call being a mom who is raising a special needs child and a second son on her own after the death of her husband.
7. Deanna Ellis – The newest mom in our family who will soon give birth to my first nephew – baby Bryce.

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