Images of Mission Canada Days1-4

Here it is.  The first four days of our trip are now on the video below.  We have students on six ministry sites – but I didn’t have all the cameras from the team members at the time I made this video.  As the week goes on I will make more videos to highlight other students and ministries going on here in Kingston.  Tonight the cross was passed from Lauren Lytle to LeAnn Ross.  By the way the videos at the end are from a “Night Life” event that was an 80’s themed team competition.  Our students don’t normally dress this way.  Ha Ha.  Enjoy!

3 Comments on “Images of Mission Canada Days1-4

  1. How did I know that as soon as I saw that sign indicating, “DON’T do this” that I would see Nic in the photo?????
    Years of experience……
    Nathan, SO glad you are feeling better!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m still praying for everyone…..especially CATHY! Woo hoo!!
    Love to all,

  2. Hey from the South! I loved looking at the videos, loved to see my guys having a wonderful time and doing great things. Ryan, don’t forget Aunt Alba’s English toffee – I wouldn’t turn it down either. Nate, I’m so relieved that you are feeling better and that everything is going well! The power of prayers. Be safe, bring joy, take lots of pictures. See you in a few days. Lots of love, Aunt Rose/ Mom

  3. Hi Nathan and All,
    Glad to see all the wonderful pictures. Loved the video of Janna and the whistling contest! Not surprised that she would be in on that one!
    I know that God is going to show you all great and mighty things in Canada. We are praying for you all daily as you allow God to work through His servants both young and adult. Can’t wait to see another update.
    Love you all,
    Jan and Malcom

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