Degrees of Change

Last night was a great start to our new Sunday Night Youth Discipleship.  We started a program called, Mside Out. The “out” means we’re taking action on what God’s done in our lives during the week by going out to share the love of Christ.  We’re spending Sunday nights learning about spiritual gifts and our God given S.H.A.P.E. in order to know better how God has gifted us for service.  In addition, were spending some nights actually going out as teams and doing ministry.

LeAnn Ross did a phenomenal job teaching last night.  She used a song by Kutless called, “Perspective” to illustrate the point.  The lyrics say, “…by changing your angle a new world would be revealed to your once blind eyes by moving a few degrees”  Then LeAnn added, “It’s learning to see yourself through God’s eyes.”  What an awesome thought.

As LeAnn shared with the students about God’s perspective of us, I was reminded of something my neurologist said when I lost feeling in my arm last spring.  The vertebrae in my neck were a little out of whack and it was pressing on my nerve that leads to my arm which led to numbness.  The doctor said, the vertebrae only need to a few degrees to get relief and for the feeling to return.  A few degrees…that’s all it would take to make the difference from numb to feeling.

If we would simply change our view, change our perspective, to stoop down and see what God sees in us.  What is God’s perspective of you?  What does God see in you…how has he gifted you for service and what plans does He have for your life?  Will you let Him use you to impact others for His glory and His Kingdom.  It may only be a few degrees away.  Dig into His Word and get a better perspective on your life…be willing to make a shift and adjust your life toward Him.

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