Mside Out Fall Wrap Up

PB150642Last night we finished our Fall session of Mside Out with the youth.  We’ve spent every Sunday night this semester in our youth home group working through the book, “Congratulations, You’re Gifted!” by Doug Fields & Erik Rees.  We studied spiritual gifts and how God has gifted us for service.  In addition, to learning about our spiritual gifts, we went out twice to do some hand’s on ministry in our community to begin helping the teens put their gifts into practice.  In October we went out and did yard work for senior adults, made shut-in visits, ministered to children at the shelter, and did recreation ministry at AWANA.  We wrapped it all up last night by sending teams to make three shut-in visits, rake leaves in two senior adult yards, and lead a children’s outreach at Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop in Hillcrest.  The team at Brusters offered free Thanksgiving crafts to the kids who came to Brusters to eat ice cream.  Those families got some great ice cream, but also heard the Good News of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I want to thank all of our team leaders and adult drivers.  I especially want to thank the Ross’ for hosting us in their home each week and Marlene Holcombe for coordinating all the great meals that we enjoyed this semester.  This truly was a great fall, “…discovering our God-given S.H.A.P.E. to make a difference in the world.”

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