I use Mvelopes to manage my money. You should too.

As many of you know, I am all about being a good steward of what God gives me.  I have always been very interested in good biblical money management principles.  For years I used Money Matters software by the folks that worked with Larry Burkett.  I’ve read all his books, and Dave Ramsey’s too.  In the past few years a new system has been developed and I love it.  It’s called Mvelopes.  It’s based on the envelope system that folks like Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey suggest.  Which is simply – using a budget to spend less than you make.

I love Mvelopes because it helps me spend within my income, eliminate debt, and achieve my financial goals. Envelope Budgeting is the best way to manage your Money and Mvelopes is the only award-winning online envelope budgeting system.

Ashley and I have been using this system for the past two years and it’s dramatically changed the way we handle money.  In fact, I love it so much that I have connected six other friends and family to Mvelopes and it’s helping them too.  Rather than having to own software – it’s all online and it takes all the guess work out of our finances.

I know that many of you are thinking about money these days and the new year brings a great opportunity to start fresh in your money management habits.

Sign up now for a risk-free trial now with my personal referral link. You will get a huge discount if you continue past the trial and I will get $15 for the referral.

Click below to sign up for the free trial with my personal referral link.

Link: http://bit.ly/6btApa

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