Tree House Project: Day 2

Today Del and I started early with a great breakfast at Morningside Men and then started digging post holes for the huge 4×6 16ft long posts to help support the tree house.  After hours of digging and chopping at roots…we finished the post holes.  Today was a long twelve-hour day, but we finished the post holes, set the posts, bolted them to the frame, and poured the concrete.  Thanks to Del, Andy, Jack, Rebekah & Ken for your help today. Check out the up-to-date video of our progress over the past two days. 

3 Comments on “Tree House Project: Day 2

    • Dan, Thanks for the comment on my tree house project. Funny that you made a comment. I actually saw your website in the process of looking for ideas and tree house designs. Looks like ya’ll build some really awesome tree houses. I ended up buying a few books. I’m not a carpenter, but am doing the best I can with what I know and some help and advice from friends.

  1. The big guys down here in Columbia can’t wait to see this treehouse! Awesome, Dude!

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