Mother’s Day From Anderson

Today Ashley was invited to join Anderson for a special Mother’s Day breakfast at Pine Street School.  She was treated to a great breakfast and then each of the students read for everyone in the class what they wrote about their moms. Here’s part of what Anderson wrote and a great photo they took of him for her gift.  Of course, Ashley loved it and had a great morning being treated special by Anderson. Notice that the last sentence says that Anderson knows that his mom loves his dad (that’s me)…how awesome it that!

3 Comments on “Mother’s Day From Anderson

  1. Nathan, That is so precious and I know you and Ashley are so proud of your two boys. I enjoy them at church.

  2. Precious!! Thank you for sharing them with us! We love to hear your updates. Since I keep up with you guys this way and knew about the tree house, Bailey was excited about our visit. He really enjoys the boys! 🙂

    • I hate that I missed seeing you all when you came to visit. Glad that Bailey liked the tree house

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