Four Years of Blogging

Today’s my 34th birthday.  Birthdays are great opportunities to celebrate life, but also reflect on what was done over the previous year.  I noticed that this month marks my fourth year of blogging.  I wrote my first blog on May 12, 2006 just after our son, Ellis came home from the hospital.  Read my first blog by clicking here.

Over the last four years I’ve written 280 blogs on every major happening in my life and there have been nearly 30,000 hits on my site.  I’ve posted family updates, videos, pictures and even artwork from our children. I’ve posted articles about youth ministry.  I’ve written updates on youth summer camps, spring retreats, and even mission trips from across the globe.  But what about the next four years?

I heard it said recently at a ministry training seminar that we can either use our blogs to record history or help write the future.  For most of the past four years I have simply documented my life and ministry (recorded the past).  Maybe in the next four years I should write blogs that not only record history, but also spur people on to change their futures.

Starting on Tuesday, June 1st I will blog daily for 90 days as we read through the bible together.  Join me this summer as we journey through the whole of scripture.  Each day after I read the scheduled 12 pages of text, I will post my thoughts.  Join me each day here at my website and make comments about what God’s teaching you.

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