Genesis 28:20 – Genesis 40:11

After reading today’s section of scripture I feel like I just watched a soap opera.   There was so much going on in the lives of Isaac, Jacob, Laban, Joseph, and their family members.  So much stood out to me in these passages that I had to start underlining the crazy things I read.  Here are just a few examples of what I underlined:

  1. Gen 29:17 – Leah had weak eyes (apparently she was ugly – or at least compared to her beautiful sister, Rachel).
  2. Gen 29:32 – Leah called her first son – “Reuben” – meaning – he has seen my misery…how would you like to be known as the misery child?
  3. Gen 31:35 – Rachel used her “time of the month” as a lie to cover up her steeling from her father. (it’s really in the Bible)
  4. Gen 32:30 – Jacob saw the face of God.
  5. Gen 34:24-25 – Some of Jacob’s sons killed a whole village of men while they were all recovering from their circumcisions because one of them “defiled” their sister.
  6. Gen 35:19 – Rachel died giving birth to her second son (Benjamin).
  7. Gen 37: 21 – Even though Reuben was called the misery son, in the end he grew up being a good guy – he was the one who talked his brothers out of killing Joseph.
  8. Gen 39:15-17 – Judah was willing to exchanged sex with a prostitute for a goat.  Though you can’t blame him for not knowing she was his daughter-in-law (that was bad enough), you can blame him for knowingly trying to hire a prostitute.

These were some crazy passages of scripture.  Though it reads like a soap opera or a crazy reality TV show, it’s really just life.  It has all the ups and downs of the lives we live on earth.  It is wonderful in the midst of it all to see God’s hand at work.  What about you?  What stood out to you in these passages?  Let me know.

One Comment on “Genesis 28:20 – Genesis 40:11

  1. Nathan, I think for me this was the first time that I was able to put names to the 12 tribes of Israel. I even drew out a little family tree in my journal! Ha!

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