Exodus 29:1 – Exodus 40:38

In this scripture reading I’m reminded of the great glory and awe with which we should approach the Lord.  These passages go into great detail about how Moses was to set up of the Tabernacle and all that was in it.  The Lord set apart Aaron and his sons as priests.  They were to wash in a certain way and wear special garments when they were in the Tent.  The best craftsmen and artisans from among the people were called up to make the Tabernacle, the Ark, the Table,  and the Lampstand.  What a great reminder of the awe with which we ought to approach God.  Though He is a personal God and He wants a relationship with us – He is still God.  He is awesome and full of glory and we are human and simply not God.  Exodus 29:46b makes it clear when God says, “I am the LORD their God.”  It’s as simple as that.

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