Leviticus 1:1 – Leviticus 14:32

The book of Leviticus is never high of most people’s lists of favorite Bible passages, but it’s hard to skip over it if you’re reading through the whole Bible.  These passages give great insight into the details of how offerings were made to the Lord and the role of the priests.  There were so many types of offerings: burnt offerings, grain offerings, fellowship offerings, sin offerings, and even guilt offerings.  A couple of things stand out to me about these offerings.  In every case, the offering is always the best of it’s kind.  For example, the finest flour or animals without defect.  God doesn’t want us to bring Him our leftovers.  He’s God almighty and deserves far more than that.   I also noticed the word “slaughter” used often in these passages.  The descriptiveness of that word is a reminder to me that there’s a great price to pay for our sin.  When we sin against the Lord something has to be given up – atonement for that sin must be made.

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