Mission Charleston Day 2

I’m a day behind on my blog updates…so this blog is about Tuesday and Wednesday.  We’re all having an amazing time so far.  Tuesday night in worship was great and God really got a hold of many of our students.  We concluded the night in a powerful time of church group sharing.  Many of the students asked for accountability from each other for help in their walk with Christ and encouragement to stay away from the pressures and struggles they face.

Wednesday was a great day at mission sites.  After sites, our eleven first time mission team students and adults were “inducted” in the proper manner to Morningside Youth Mission Trips.  We ended our day with a great meal at Bubba Gumps, worship, and church group devotion times.  Most were in bed by 12:30am and we’re back at it today at 7:00am

I told you on my last blog that I would give you a list of the students and what teams they’re serving on…so here it is:

** names are grouped to show you who is working together…when you see a space…it’s a new group.

Children’s Ministry:

  • Janna McClure
  • Emily Parker
  • Caroline Ross
  • Jeff Briscoe
  • Ashley Neighbors
  • Brittany Eberhart
  • Lindsey Tate

Social Ministry:

  • Meredith Pheffer
  • Tad Collings
  • Courtney Fogle
  • Mary Ellen Jeffords
  • LeAnn Ross
  • Paul Ross
  • Anna Robinson
  • Justin Briscoe
  • Steven Chen

Games & Recreation:

  • Ashley Tate
  • Lauren Lytle
  • Collin Briscoe
  • Connor Bastin
  • Andy McClure
  • Grant Fisher
  • Chris Holcombe

Relational Evangelism (at the beach):

  • Aaron Ross
  • JD Weeks
  • Samantha McSwain

Painting/Yard Work:

  • Ruth Ann Dodds
  • Hunter Smith
  • Cathy Dodds
  • Nic Moore
  • Nathan Neighbors
  • Jacob Balmer
  • Elisabeth Lytle

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