Mission Charleston 2010: Janna’s Story

One of the great stories from our week on mission in Charleston came from Janna McClure.  Here it is in her own words:

Thursday I got some sort of bug and had to leave my site early, and I felt like I kind of left my group out to dry. So, when I woke up on Friday morning my prayer was that God would use me in some way that day. That morning I told my team that I was ALL IN and that I was going to give it 100% for our last day! We went to a new site on Friday at Saint Andrew’s Church. We had the awesome privilege to play with some great kids! One little friend I met was named L.J., but I gave the nick name “Lebron James.”  It was fitting seeing as how Lebron signed with Miami that day!  I was drawing the word “Morningside” on the ground with sidewalk chalk when he walked up and asked what I was writing.  He sounded the word out and I told him that was where I went to church.  I asked him where he went to church and he told me he didn’t.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity to share Christ with little Lebron James!  We talked about how when he went to heaven he would like to be able to eat macaroni and cheese and play basketball everyday!  He could answer all the questions I asked, such as “who did Jesus die for?” etc…  The words “I want to pray that prayer” came out of his mouth right as it was time for our team to leave and get ready for mega relay back at camp.  He lost interest and ran off.  I was so frustrated!  I felt like that was my opportunity to do the Lord’s work, and I had failed.  As I talked to people about it, they all said the same thing, “you planted the seed, you did your job!” On Saturday morning a girl from my ministry group came to me and told me that she had watched and listened when I was talking to L.J. and that I had impacted her, and she was saved Friday night.  Through all of the frustration with L.J. I found so much peace through Candace’s decision!  It was an awesome week, and I was honored to do the Lord’s work with my youth group!  –  Janna McClure

Isn’t that just like the Lord?  God’s ways are not our ways.  He was at work the whole time.  I’m proud of Janna for being a willing servant and witness for the Lord.  Her faithful witness not only impacted L.J.’s life, it led Candace (one of her team members) to realize her need for salvation too.  Janna is just one example of the amazing students at Morningside.  I’m proud of every one of our 33 team members.  Here’s a picture of L.J. and a picture of Janna with Candace (girl in the blue shirt).  Pray that L.J. will soon pray to receive Christ as his Savior.  Pray that Candace will be surrounded with many fellow believers who will encourage her in her new walk with Christ.

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