YMCA Bible Club

Last week our students joined forces with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Spartanburg to lead an awesome Bible Club week at the YMCA.  Each day we hung out with 45 kids.  The CEF leaders & our students taught great Bible stories and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus.  At the end of each club we gave the kids the chance to pray to receive Christ.  This wasn’t some high-pressure tactic or old school turn-or-burn deal.  The students simply told the kids that after the club they would be around if anyone wanted to talk about how to ask Jesus to be their Lord.  Five of the kids who came for decision counseling made the choice to cross from death to life!  I’m so proud of our students that I feel like jumping out of my skin.  It’s awesome seeing our students take the message of Christ to places far away, but it’s even sweeter to see them telling kids from our own neighborhood.  Here are a few things that I’m taking away from this week:

#1 – Students who are radically changed by Christ are passionate about telling others.  Students simply need to be taught well how to share their faith and then given the opportunity to do.  In addition, they need support, encouragement, and coaching each step of the way.

#2  – Child Evangelism Fellowship is a great organization.   CEF does a fantastic job training students (and adults) to share the Gospel.  They can also help churches get in doors that otherwise might be closed.

#3 – Simple can be powerful.  These CEF Clubs are very simple.  A typical hour looks like this: Welcome… Song…Memory Verse…Bible Story…Song…Missionary Story…Game and Wrap Up.  There are no crafts.  There are no high-end sound systems, lights or motion graphics.  There aren’t even any cool gimmicks to get the kids to participate. It’s simply teenagers having fun with children by loving them and sharing the wonderful message of Jesus.

One Comment on “YMCA Bible Club

  1. I’m so pleased with our teenagers and how they are growing and maturing in their relationship with God. They are living out their faith by serving others. They are planting seeds of God’s love with children of all ages, culture, and economic situations. We are so fortunate to have a Youth Pastor who lives a good example before our youth (Ashley too) prays for each teen and their family, and provides opportunities for them to learn, serve and grow spiritually…plus times to laugh, play and build relationships.
    Child Evangelism Fellowship is a great organization. I’m so happy that our church is apart of CEF.
    Thanks Nathan for keeping us informed about the good work our teenagers are doing!

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