Our NICU Journey

When I last posted I was preparing to go into surgery on November 11th for my back. The surgery was a success and I’m home recovering. Six days into my recovery things got really interesting. My wife is pregnant with our third baby boy. We were supposed to have six weeks for me to recover before baby Luke was born, but he and the Lord had another plan. On November 17th baby Luke came into the world. I couldn’t even drive Ashley to the hospital. However, I was able to be there by her side for the delivery (in a chair).

God is so faithful. He knew that Luke would make his debut a bit early so my surgery was perfectly planned a week prior. The doctors say that Luke came just late enough in the pregnancy that he was out of the woods as far as major health issues. He was born at 34 weeks and 5 days (almost 5 weeks early). This birth was unlike our other two. Because he was so small the birthing process was very quick and we didn’t get to spend time with him initially. Within seconds of delivery the nurses whisked him away to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and he’s been there ever since. We’re now beginning day 5. Luke is healthy and everything looks good, but he needs to eat more and grow stronger before he can come home. It’s hard leaving him each night at the hospital, but the folks in the NICU are amazing.

I’ve been astounded by the Christian witness in our county hospital. Since arriving in the NICU, Luke has been given a hat made by a local church, a care package from a ministry and today he even got his own little Bible. The love of Christ is being proclaimed to the smallest ones of Spartanburg and to their families. We’re very thankful that baby Luke is doing well and that the Lord has us in this place with great doctors and nurses to help him grow strong and come home soon.

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