The love of Christ in a NICU

This evening begins night six of our journey with Luke through the NICU at Spartanburg Regional Hospital.  In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that we received a care package from a local ministry.  I want to tell you more about what this ministry is all about.  Praise & Pray Ministries was formed by a couple from Jonesville, SC who’s daughter, Alayna, stayed in the NICU for 99 days back in 2009.  Unfortunately those were her only days on this earth.  Alayna’s parents are using her story and the hope that they have in the Lord to minister to other families who find themselves in the NICU.  I’ve copied their mission from their website below:

Our mission at Praise & Pray Ministries is to offer hope to parents of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at Spartanburg Regional Hospital. We provide packages of useful items to these parents such as lotion, bibs, and hand sanitizer. Among other items, each package includes a letter explaining the experiences that led us to begin this ministry. Bibles are also available to these families upon request.

I’ve always know how important the NICU is, but it’s very different being on this side.  Praise & Pray is providing a much needed touch to these families.  The care package from them includes: a bib, disposable camera, baby lotion, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, a Subway gift card for lunch at the hospital, a Bible (with engraving from Christian Supply), and a wonderful letter from the family.  I encourage you to check out their website and consider making a donation.  $25 can provide a care package like the one we received yesterday for a family who finds themselves with a baby in the NICU at Spartanburg Regional.  Visit their site (at the link above), give, and pray for all those who are there right now…they need it.

One Comment on “The love of Christ in a NICU

  1. What a blessing to hear of this ministry. Our family knows what those days in the NICU are like. Waiting for the opportunity to go inside and see your child. Torn between the little ones at home and the new little one at the hospital. Some of the great blessings of those days were the NICU nursing staff and the other parents that we bonded with during Connor’s eleven days in that nursery (he was at St. Francis in Greenville, but I’m certain this goes for all NICU’s).
    We cannot wait for Luke to be able to come home, but it is great to know that you all seeing God’s love in action right there in the hospital. Thanks for sharing!

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