He is Redeemed

Thirteen years ago Ashley and I joined our lives together in holy matrimony.  On that day by committing our lives to one another  we began life as a new family.  Five years later God gave us a son.

The Bible says that God created the family to be the place in which discipleship happens.  It’s the primary place where children are supposed to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  But to be honest, that’s easier said than done.  When children are young you can’t really sit down and have an hour-long Bible study with a two and four-year old.  Disciple making at that age comes in moments and in short conversations.

For years as a children and youth minister I’ve had the privilege of helping other families lead their children and students to the Lord.  As a pastor it’s almost become routine.  But tonight it was totally new again for me.

After nine years of life our oldest son (Anderson) gave his life to Christ.  It started with a simple statement that I’ve heard him ask before.  As we were gathering at the dinner table he said, “Dad when can I get baptized?  Did you know that two of my friends are being baptized this Sunday?”  This isn’t the first time he’s asked about baptism, but this is the first time our conversation lasted longer than a minute.  That’s when Ashley and I knew that he was ready.  We talked for a while and asked him all the questions.  He knows that he has sinned.  He knows all about Jesus.  He knows what sacrifice Jesus made on his behalf.  He wants to know Jesus as Lord & Savior.  Tonight he does.  As the five of us sat around the dinner table we held hands and I had the privilege of leading him in a prayer for salvation.  Anderson has a brand new birthday.  11/12/12 marks the day that Anderson became a child of the KING!  The angels are rejoicing and his family and church are too.

Thank you to everyone in our family, our Lancaster church, and our Morningside family who have helped point Anderson to Jesus.   His life is forever changed and this daddy is humbled that his oldest son is now a brother in Christ!

2 Comments on “He is Redeemed

  1. I see the hour at which you wrote these precious, heartfelt words. To see one’s ministry lived out in his own family is a gift which is exciting beyond the need for sleep. Ministry truly begins at home. My love to you and Ashley, with thanks to God for your faithful example in our church and beyond. He blesses us through you two. Fondly, Carol

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