Camp Full Circle

For the last twelve summers I’ve been packing my bags, driving buses, sleeping in bunks, and eating cafeteria food. I’ve celebrated wedding anniversaries and even birthdays on church trips all for the cause of Christ and the students He’s called me to serve.

But, tonight it comes full circle. Tonight I’m laying in a bunk with my oldest son above me and my middle son laying in the bunk next to me. We’re at Camp McCall. These boys don’t fully understand what a Royall Ambassador is because we just moved to Ebenezer last week, but I know. I know that this week they will begin bonding with the other ten boys from this church who lay in these bunks. They will hear God’s Word in powerful ways. They will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Though the coming months will be lived out of suitcases and on many trips with students, I’m blessed to be laying next to my boys tonight on the first trip of the summer. I’m grateful that they are here getting to experience a glimpse of all that I get to see every summer. May the Lord use these times to begin working in ways that I could not ask for or even imagine in Anderson, Ellis and all of Cabin 3.

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