Student Life Camp Update

It’s the end of night two of Student Life Camp in Wake Forest. So far this has been a phenomenal experience. This CRASH crew of 45 has joined over 1500 other students for a week of worship, fun and amazing time in God’s Word. Our theme this week is The Kingdom. Students from our church are broken up daily into four Bible study groups where they unpack scripture and share life with each other. Each morning and evening they gather with the entire camp for worship. Bret Yonker is leading worship and Tony Merida is camp pastor this week. We’ve had a few small bumps along the way this week, but The Lord is at work in everyone of our lives. I’m blessed to get to be part of this great group of students. They are fun to watch as they live life together and praise the Savior. Thanks to all of our parents, church family and prayer partners for lifting our group up in prayer each day. Keep it up! Check out this video of our week so far.

And…if you’re keeping track. The cross has been passed this week from Greer to Victoria and now is worn by Rachel.

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