The Father-Daughter Dance

Tonight social media is filled with images of the 15th Annual Florence Father-Daughter Dance sponsored by the YMCA. Yes, I’ll admit it, as a father of three boys, I’m jealous. This is one dance I’ll never get to attend, but I still play a vital role in what tonight is all about.

Dads, one day in the not too distant future your little girls will ask you if they can go to a dance with a boy other than you. Chances are it might even be with one of my sons. Treasure tonight. Make the most of the time you have with her now. Use these moments to help her understand how precious she is and how much you value her. More importantly, teach her how valued she is by The Lord. Give her a clear picture through your relationship with her of how a lady should be loved and respected.

Though I’ll never dance at the Father-Daughter, I’m raising three young men who will one day be asking your daughters to dance. If I’m being completely honestly – that scares me to death. I want them to grow up, but I worry if I will have prepared them well enough to be men of God who will honor your daughters and treat them like children of the Most High God?

As a Youth Pastor I see so many guys who don’t know what it means to be a man of God and so many girls who have never been taught that being treated with respect by boys is a non-negotiable. As we begin our new Bible study series with our teenagers on sexual purity this month, I wonder if I’m preparing my sons well at their ages to step into puberty, adolescence and dating.

So, I have a choice to make tonight. I can either go about life without the future in mind, or I can work now on helping develop and disciple my sons to be men of God that you would be proud to have invite your daughter to a dance or even one day marry.

But honestly, I need help. And…maybe you do too. If you’re a young dad in Florence (whether you’re an Ebenezer dad or not) would you be willing to meet with me? This town needs men of God who will stand up and lead their families to follow Christ. It needs to start with the dads. I’d like to start by inviting any dad who wants to meet together to contact me. I don’t know where this will lead, but I’d like to begin with sharing a meal together, then sharing life together and ultimately helping each other to be men of integrity who father well the next generation of men and women of this community. Who’s with me? Let’s make this night at the dance the first step of many as we prepare our children to live out the abundant life Christ has offered us all.

3 Comments on “The Father-Daughter Dance

  1. Miss you guys but so glad to see how you are taking the lead in your church & community!

  2. I prayed many times about the future wife each of my sons would choose. Only God can see the future and I knew that I needed to trust and wait. Today both of our sons are married and raising their own kids, with God’s help. Prayers help us love more like Jesus does and trust Him when mistakes happen.

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