Devotion Times With My Boys

I absolutley love how God works. This year we’ve been using the monthly devotional magazines from Ebenezer that the boys get each month in Sunday School (More & Adventure from LifeWay). The boys enjoy reading them together with us each night before bed. It’s been awesome to see how the Lord always has the right message at the right time. Last night as the boys were getting in bed Ellis told me about some cuss words he saw written on the backs of the seats on the school bus. He said he didn’t know what they meant, but knew they were bad. We talked about it for a while and how important it was not to say those words. We also talked about how it made God unhappy. Then we we opened up the devotional book for May 12. Yesterday’s scripture verse was Psalm 119:9 which says, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping Your word.” WOW! I just about fell off the bed. The Lord was so gracious to me as I helped the boys talk about cuss words. He gave us His perfect Word! It was exciting to see the boy’s eyes light up as I said, “look at that guys…God knew you were going to see those words on the bus today. He knew long before today. He even knew before this devotional was written and printed that on this day you would need to hear Psalm 119:9.” AWESOME! May we never follow the words of the world – but only HIS WORDS. If you don’t have a copy of our devotionals for kids, stop by the magazine rack at Ebenezer or get one from Andi Blakeney Hill. They are a great tool to use as you disciple your children. They sure are a huge help for this dad.

2 Comments on “Devotion Times With My Boys

  1. Nathan would love that at home with Samantha. Been looking and either they are above her or to long to keep her attention. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Lori, why don’t I mail you a few samples of the ones we use. Message me your address through Facebook.

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