Student Life: In Awe

Do we simply acknowledge God or are we in awe of Him? That’s where we began on night one here at Student Life and I can’t get past it. Do we live our lives in such a way that we just give lip service to Jesus and say we believe, or are we in utter and complete awe of Jesus? I want to be in awe.

It’s hard to put into words how great this week has been so far. The messages, the music, worship, small groups, mission sites, church group times and everything in between are awesome.

For those back home, I’m sorry to be so long in blogging. Since we left at 5:00am on June 27 I’ve truly only had about 5 hours where I wasn’t driving a bus, worshiping The Lord, serving on sites or talking with students. Those five precious hours were spent sleeping like a rock. But everything is great. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. As best as I can tell all of your students are doing really well! I’ve tried to be online as little as possible to be more present with students.

It’s the end of day two, but we’re already seeing walls breaking down. I had a student say, “I’m not going home the same, Nathan. I want to know Christ more. I’ve got to stop doing _____________ and follow Jesus.” The best part of that conversation was that those words weren’t spoken during the emotional part of a worship service…they were said just hanging out on the sidewalk waiting for the pizza guy. That’s what all these long hours are about. Life change. Pray for more of the same.

Here are a few pictures. I’m only with one group at mission site, so I’ll get more from other leaders and send them soon.



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